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Company Background

Digital Media Group was originally formed to provide all the necessary resources for launching and then assisting in building global Network Marketing companies. In the process of building out that model the focus began to shift to finding an existing Network Marketing company with a unique mix of products and the need for the expertise that the DMG team could provide. In 2010 DMG found just such a company in CieAura. Since that time DMG has provided guidance and direction, which has now culminated in DMG purchasing certain operating assets. These assets include everything necessary for the existing CieAura Retailers continue to build their global business. DMG felt that the CieAura line of products were unlike anything in the industry, furthermore, the products that use holographic chip technology, have the distinction of a prestigious peer review study in the Alternative Therapies Journal – which validates the technology.  

DMG has found a perfect match with CieAura. In that the company offers unique products, great leadership and a global infrastructure. What they lacked was the expertise and capital to build out the global markets that they had entered, such as Hong Kong, Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia and Israel, to name a few.

DMG feels very confident that they can help the CieAura retailers build a true global business and in so doing add significant value to our shareholders!